Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was so fun this year! It was fun to have a little Minnie Mouse, Belle, and two pirates!


The Fife's said...


Jewelcat said...

LOVE the costumes! I just love Halloween! The kids look so dang cute! Miss them!

Donna Valdez said...

Oh, my dear sweet, "Sister Tyrell"! It is so wonderful to see how Heavenly Father has blessed you with such a beautiful family. It thrills my heart to see you so happy with your little ones and your sweet husband.

I found your Christmas card dated December 2007 a few days ago and tucked it away in a safe place in my desk. I couldn't sleep tonight and asked Father what it is that I needed to do. Immediately, your Christmas card came to my mind so here I am trying to make contact with you after reading the letter once again and hoping with everything that is in me that I can make contact with you soon. I really need to talk to you about our Benjamin. Can you please call me at your earliest convenience. My cell number is 801-710-3322. Yes, that's a Utah number!!! We have a lot of catching up to do!

Donna (Lockwood) Valdez from your mission in Ft. Worth, Texas.